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Define Personality?


If you look up the definition of personality it means the combination of qualities that form an individual's distinctive character, patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Your style, selection of music, whether you like pickles or not, to how you love, even how you make love. If you like snow, rain, and to your favorite color are all incorporated in your personality.

"If you're always trying to be 'normal' you will never know how amazing you are"                   -Maya Angelou
In today’s society a huge lie is being told that there is only one way to live and if you’re going against it then you can’t be accepted. In a world where social media is so huge and the battle of comparison is constant. Zarkpa’s is all about originality, we believe building self esteem by helping one become aware of oneself through spirituality. We’ll discuss what lies society tries to force people to believe. Then what the bible says about personality. To how your personality plays a role in your life journey and ultimately help shapes your destiny.

How Society Identifies Us

  1. Social Media
  2. Career
  3. Relationships
  4. Education
  5. Social status
  6. Geographical locations  
  7. Economic backgrounds

Society now a day spoon feeds it's lies to the masses through many platforms. Whether its's social media, television, radio or books. Telling you that you must have a certain body type, dress a certain way, must drive a certain car and have a certain social status. If you're not happy with who you are as a person you can get lost in all that sauce. 

"He who loves the vase also loves what is inside"- African Proverb

What the Bible says

"Genesis 1:27; So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them."  

As believers, we do not find our identity in something, but rather we find our identity in God. For example take the story of Moses when he ran away from Egypt; (Exodus 3:1-4:14)

In one day Moses went from being the prince of Egypt to a fugitive. Why? He was made for more but because he did not know who he was, his actions started to define him until that day when he had the encounter with God in the form of the burning bush. In order to understand who we are, we will have to exhaust all our abilities, smarts, and self-sufficiency and face God to find out the truth about our identity.

"If we take our meaning in life from our family, our work, a cause, or some achievement other than God they enslave us" - Tim Keller

 Only the Creator of a product can tell you about that product because it was made by them. So in order to find out who you really are, you will have to spend time with God who made you. God knew you before you were even thought of. So why not pray to the Creator and sit there a while and ask Him about you.

Your Life Your Destiny

   When you're in tune with the creator you become in tune with yourself. You begin to realize that all the things you're passionate about are for a purpose. You begin to change for the better. This is called soul cleansing, you start forgiving yourself slowly for past mistakes. Change starts from within then makes an outward apperance.

Once you find out what you like and what puts fire to your soul, pursue it wholeheartly. God doesn't care about how big your bank account is but how big your faith is. He will take you places you never even imangined. He will open doors that you never even knew existed. Pray to the Creator ask for wisdom, guidance and who you are. Being you is the greatest and easiest thing to do on earth. God speed to all;

(Psalms 139:14) "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

With Love, Zarkpa's Team



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Tracing Our Roots Part I

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 The Flag of the United Stated of America.

The Flag of the United Stated of America.

 The Flag of The Republic of Liberia

The Flag of The Republic of Liberia

    How the history of Liberia started

In order to recognise where you're heading you have to know where you come from. Many people have no idea how the history of Liberia started, who started, or why it was started. It's barely taught in American history books even though America played such a huge role in the history of Liberia. Many miles away surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and the Mesurado River, is present-day Liberia. Located in West Africa, Liberia is 43,000 square miles which is somewhat more bigger than Tennessee. You'll learn about how Liberia started and who played a part in; The American cultural impact and how it affects present day Liberia.

"In 1816, a group of white Americans in Washington DC launched the American Colonization Society (ACS) to deal with what they considered a problem"

The establishment of Liberia was in the early 1800's motivated by politics, slavery and race in the United States. In 1816, a group of white Americans in Washington DC launched the American Colonization Society (ACS) to deal with what they considered a problem. With the growing number of free blacks in the United States the ACS came up with a plan to resettle them in Africa. The resulting state of Liberia would become the second (after Haiti) black republic in the world at that time. Prominent Americans such as Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and John Randolph, former President Thomas Jefferson all publicly supported the organization's goals. With President James Madison who arranged public funding for the society; With so many motives as to why people joined this society were vast, just as the range of people who joined it from abolitionists to even slaveholders. Many abolitionists white and black who opposed such an idea of moving free blacks to Africa, the organization ACS was still powerful and the movement gained momentum for its “Colonization Project”. Before sailing ship ACS signed a constitution requiring that an agent of the Society administer the settlement under U.S laws.

"Many died from malaria, and yellow fever which is common in the area's coastal plains and mangrove swamps. Some died from attacks by the native population."

In 1818 the ACS sent two representatives to West Africa to find a good location for the colony. In the 1820s the first 86-98 free black settlers and three society members. First finding shelter on Scherbo Island off the West Coast of Africa. Many died from malaria, and yellow fever which is common in the area's coastal plains and mangrove swamps. Some died from attacks by the native populations who were, at various times, unhappy with the expansion of the settlements along the coast; with the settlers' efforts to put an end to the lucrative slave trading in which some ethnic groups were engaged; and at the settlers' attempts to Christianize their communities. The following year a U.S Navy vessel resumed the search for a place for a permanent settlement. Many local leaders resisted American attempts to purchase land. Lieutenant Robert Stockton, coerced a local ruler to sell a strip of land to society. The Scherbo Island grouped moved to a new location while other blacks from America joined them.

Influenced of American Culture

In 1824 settlers built a fortifications for protection from local tribes attacking them. Within that same year, settlement was named Liberia meaning “Land of the free.” Name it's capital Monrovia, in honor of the president James Monroe. With the abolition of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Africans removed from slave ships by the U.S Navy were also brought to Liberia. Up to 20,000 people combined into one organization. Settlers who came to Liberia brought the culture they learned in America and for the most part did not integrate with the native societies. The American culture influenced Liberia in many ways such as the common language is English. Also will explain why you'll meet some Liberians with American origin names. The settlers recreated American society, building churches and homes that resembled Southern plantations. Another example of American culturally influenced is the Liberian flag having such a striking resemblances to the American flag. Today about 5 percent of the population of Liberia are descendants from these settlers.

The final straw came in 1930 when an accusation by the Leauge of Nations, "forced labor...hardly distinguishable from slavery" 

July 26, 1847 Liberia gained their independence from America. To bring in more revenue , Liberian leased large areas of land to American companies such as Firestone, which operated a massive rubber plantation in the African nation. The terms of the leases were strongly in favor of the private companies. The final straw came in 1930 when an accusation by the League of Nations, "forced labor ... hardly distinguishable from slavery," turned out to be true. The government collapsed, and the new president, Edwin Barclay, dealt with the mounting discontent among his people by introducing increasingly repressive laws. In 1847 Liberia got their independence from America. Then a constitution modeled after the U.S. Constitution was approved, and in 1848 Joseph Jenkins Roberts was elected Liberia's first president.


Liberia all started with a group called American Colonization Society (ACS) that got a lot public and private funding towards their “Colonization Project.” The reasoning behind this project was racially motivated. Having near 98 free black slaves moved across the Atlantic Ocean to die due to diseases from the climate. Finally being able to start fresh mixing in a lot of American culture into their new lives. To bring in revenue Liberia leased large parts of their land to American companies. Turning forced labor into the new slavery. Finally getting their independence July 26, 1847. Liberia has gone through so much, to think a whole country started because of a group of people who simply didn't like the idea of free blacks. This is just part I of The History of Liberia. Next we'll discuss what happened to Liberia once this “Freedom” country got its independence. Every new medium transforms the nature of human thought. In the long run, history is the story of information becoming aware of itself.


   Liberia  President George Weah at a joint press conference at the Elysee Palace.

Liberia  President George Weah at a joint press conference at the Elysee Palace.