Combining Education & Culture Through Fashion

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire
— Anonymous

Biography of Zarkpa's

Zarkpa's derives from a West African country Liberia of the The Grand Gedeh county. Established in 1816 by The American Colonization Society receiving their Independence on July 26, 1847. The meaning of Zarkpa's means “Debt Free”, which is Tracy Garley and Monique Pour late Grandmother's name. Wanting to keep their grandmother's legacy alive the name was decided by Tracy and her parents. 2011 Zarkpa's was first located in Inster MI, then passed on officially to Tracy on her 25th birthday. In 2014 Zarkpa's then rooted in the heart of Downtown Detroit. Tracy Garley being a city girl with big dreams, desired to turn her idea of retail business into reality by opening up an upscale storefront. The company's products were exclusive lifestyle products that are handmade in Detroit, one of a kind purses, clothing, and accessories. As Tracy got more in tune to her God given purpose Zarkpa's slowly transformed from selling American products to only authentic African products.

Zarkpa's is a brand that embodies on simplicity, culturistic, and community involvement. The company focus on people who are passionate about making changes in their community through fashion or Education. Since Zarkpa's sustained in Detroit, they have connected over 50 other local startup companies, hosted mayor Mike Duggan community meeting, and done many collaborations such as pop- up shop, branding workshop, photoshoots and music videos. Zarkpa's relocated to an up and coming neighborhood in the North end. With her first cousin Monique Pour traveled from Maryland to Detroit in February 2, 2017 to assist with the family business. Monique's eye for fashion and detail made her the perfect fit for Zarkpa's creative director. She helped rebrand Zarkpa's from their products, packaging, website, and social medias. Summer of 2017 Zarkpa's decided to not continue as a storefront. Ending it's relationship with their investor and altogether cutting off their overhead. Zarkpa's will remain online and continue pop up shops all around the world.