African Fabrics

Fabrics are imported from West African Countries like Liberia, Ghana, and Nigeria

All of our products are manufacture in Detroit MI, by our in house seamstress.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire
— Anonymous

Biography of Zarkpa's

Zarkpa's derives from a West African country Liberia of the The Grand Gedeh county. Established in 1816 by The American Colonization Society receiving their Independence on July 26, 1847. The meaning of Zarkpa's means “Debt Free”, which is Tracy Garley and Monique Pour late Grandmother's name. Wanting to keep their grandmother's legacy alive the name was decided by Tracy and her parents. In the winter of 2014 Zarkpa's rooted in the heart of Downtown Detroit. Tracy Garley being a city girl with big dreams, desired to turn her idea of retail business into reality by opening up an upscale storefront. As Tracy did more history about her country Liberia, and got more in tune to her God given purpose. Zarkpa's slowly transformed to authentic African products mixed with everyday purses that match women personality and lifestyle accessories .

Zarkpa's is a brand that embodies on simplicity, culture, and community involvement. We focus on educating the world to what the real culture of Africa looks like. From imported all of our fabrics from West African Countries like Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria. We are showing the world what it’s like to have an authentic African apparel. Every fabric is hand selected and are one of a kind. All of our pieces are custom made in Detroit MI, by our in-house seamstress who is also from Liberia.

We are a women owned company who love helping one another, reach our goals. We also love putting smiles on our wonderful clients faces through our bright vibrant colors and patterns. Zarkpas knows how West African fashion can change your mood, from the  moment you wear one of our bold dresses to our unisex dashikis. You will feel so much better about yourself.

Zarkpa’s also wants to enhance your whole lifestyle, which is why we offer customized order. We want you to feel sexy, confident  and comfortable whenever you purchase one clothing. So visit our chart page and put in your order today.

We know you are going to love your new Zarkpas clothing, thank you for support a woman owned business.