Midid Grand Kru County Skirts-

Midid Grand Kru County Skirts-


Get our one of a kind African with  a modern day style Detroit, our elegant midi skirts that come just below to your knees, come in arrange of bright or soft colors and many different patterns. Soft on your skin and will give you a glow of a thousand stars. Great to wear to any formal event or of your choosing to dress it down.


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Grand kru County - Grand Kru County is a county in the southeastern portion of Liberia. One of 15 counties that comprise the first-level of administrative division in the nation, it has eighteen districts. Organized in 
1984, its capital is Barclayville. Grand kru means grand baby ( for kids to model with grandma or grandpa).

The most important crops are upland rice, cassava, palm nuts, and along the coast, fishing. Feed corn is grown at higher elevations farther inland. Sugar cane and several varieties of bananas grow in the wetland areas. Cash crops include coffee, cocoa and kola. Locally grown bamboo and piassava palm are widely used for construction, mats and baskets. Many tropical fruits, domestic and wild, grow in the region including oranges, limes, mangos, soursop, breadfruit and coconut.